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Generate real leads


To generate real sales opportunities using social media as a channel to enquiry.


The process should start by reviewing the efficiency of your current website to direct visitors to point of action.  The majority of websites focus on providing detailed information about everything and everyone in the business.  Whilst this information should be available to those who want it, it should not obstruct clear navigation to point of action, in this case to make an enquiry.  It is also true that many websites are not dynamic enough to make simple changes quickly, including the provision of regular blogs to support new products and services. Assuming you have an effective website, social media is the ideal tool to target a specific audience with content designed to direct them to a specific page within your site.  The sales process itself does not change, but social media can effectively reduce the width of the funnel by directing web traffic more efficiently.


The combination of a well designed website and objective social media content can result in a significant increase in qualified sales enquiries.

Social media alone will not always generate sales opportunities, but it can be a cost effective way to support and enhance your overall marketing effort, both online and offline.