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Engage with your audience


To understand when and how to engage with your target audience across different social media channels.


You wouldn’t attend a networking event, meet with people of mutual interest then ignore them completely if they contacted you thereafter.  The same is true with social media, which we consider the equivalent of a networking event, just without physical attendance.  It follows that we will help you prepare for any responses to the content you post, including assistance with the people and businesses you choose to invite or accept into your online network.  We can provide advice, guidelines and training for internal engagement or take the process entirely off your hands and manage engagement on your behalf to point of direct enquiry.


Understanding who is responsible for engaging with your target audience, including when and how they should do it, takes time and experience to confirm.

We remain flexible throughout your social media journey, providing assistance and resource when required.

This might be software only, daily content or a fully managed social media service; whichever combination proves to be the most effective and efficient for your business.