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Content is still king


To create relevant content across multiple social media channels that both attracts and retains the interest of a genuine target audience.


Work with a dedicated Content Manager to complete a detailed Business Profiler, designed to provide our team with sufficient information about who you are, what you offer, who you offer it to and how they can benefit.  Your business, products and markets are likely to change over time, so your Content Manager stays in regular contact to keep the the Profiler updated.  The statistical analysis built into your media platform also helps us to improve content based on audience uptake.


Content fit for purpose and appropriate to the selected social media channel.

There is no substitute for creating your own content and our ‘OPTIMUM’ service includes a provision for adding more specific posts relating to ad hoc events, not included in the Profiler (i.e. campaigns, networks, new business and customers).  However, evidence confirms that regular content based on the Profiler alone does generate interest with the right audience and provide additional credibility for your business.