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To understand what you aim to achieve using social media before you start using it!


Social media is just another channel of communication and we never presume that it’s right for your business.  We are first and foremost business people, with experience working with and running small businesses.  We start by sharing our own experiences of social media with you from a business perspective, so that you can relate to the journey of others in similar circumstances to your own.  We acknowledge that your starting point is whatever suits your business best in terms of expectations and available resource.  Finally, we understand the importance of ROI, particularly in an SME environment, so we make sure clear measures are on place at the outset and usually start on a trial basis.


Your business embarks on the social media journey with clear, measurable and achievable objectives.

Your Account Manager is available to provide support whenever and wherever you need it, demystifying the jargon and getting the most from the time and money you invest in social media.